Let me lose more weight first; Mommy + Me

Want to hear a sad story, meh, me either.   So let's skip it.   Awhile ago I had the pleasure of taking pictures of one of the cutest girls ever baby Joey!  (blog coming soon). Her mommy the  extraordinarily talented Tracy Moore, not just here but all over the world,  offered to take some pictures of me in return (umm heck ya!).   You want to know what my first thought was?   Honest to goodness my first thought was that I wanted to lose more weight before the session and to push it as far back as I could, and then immediately heard a little voice say, that's not what you preach sister (buzz off voice).  

I always tell my clients don't wait! Your kids don't care, they just want their mommy in the pictures ! Yet here I was feeling exactly the same way.  It sucked.  Really, why was that my first thought, and NOT how great would it be to have pictures of us together while I can still hold her in my arms, while she still calls me mommy, while twirling in pretty dresses is fun?   Man oh man, luckily Tracy being the boss lady she is put me down and squeezed me in her very tight schedule for a week and a half away (oh $h*#).   That was that.   

Fast forward to now and yes I did watch what I ate and worked more than usual but the focus became more on how awesome it is to have a little one to do mommy and me's with and of course our outfits!  Picking out clothes is a whole other topic and can cause a lot of stress but it doesn't have to (future blog post FOR SURE).    

End results.  PURE MAGIC.  I'm living, I'm breathing, I have a beautiful baby and family and THAT should be celebrated simply because one day my future generation will cherish these and I will cherish these forever as I grow older and want to revisit the time when I could still hold her in my arms, and when she called me mommy and we twirled in our pretty dresses.   Thank you Tracy  you are incredible.  xoxo