My Story


Oh hey there!  I'm Whitney, a Montana based photographer.   A lot of what I concentrate on are newborn and maternity portraits, however I love going on location with families and getting that "this is going over the mantel" photo!  My images are classic and will stand the test of time, no doubt being passed down from generation to generation.  I'm always honored to be a part of those moments and it truly gives me all the feels.  

I live in the great city of Billings and for those of you who aren't from around here it's the biggest city in Montana (110k)!  What it lacks in population it makes up for in rolling hills, majestic mountains, landscapes that look painted and folks who really do have your back.

My daughter, one beautiful-crazy little munchkin named Briar is a main source of my inspiration and also the reason I dug my heels into photography, and my fluffy marshmallow colored kitty, Jasmine (she isn't as fond of Briar's love as the rest of us).      

I have studied with most awarded and well known newborn and family photographers, Kelly Brown out of Brisbane, Australia and Yolanta Mat out of the UK, so basically like meeting Oprah and learning all her secrets of success.   

Tidbits:   I have a love for all things tiny, from tiny ceramic pigs to bitty tea sets, I need them all (heard there was a museum just for this, must find).   I adore alpacas, have you seen them frolic?? insert 10 heart eye emojis, also have tiny alpacas made from their fur (it sounds so weird when I type it out).  I love filling up my shopping cart and with hundreds of dollars worth of stuff just so I can feel fancy and then ditching it.  I listen to ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) to relax, brushing the best!  I'm an only child which I attribute most of my weirdness to, including the make believe squirrel friend I had.      

That being said, if you jive with my weird and you want to remember your happy family just the way it is, 

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